1940 – 2017

The life of Nicholas

1940Nicholas Biwott is born to Cheserem and Maria Soti in Chebior Village, British Kenya
1951-54Attends Tambach Intermediate School
1955-58Boarder at Kapsabet High School
1959Begins work for the local office of the Department of Information and Broadcasting in Eldoret. Starts publishing the Kalenjin Monthly newsletter
1961Travels to Australia and commences studies at Taylors College in Melbourne.
1962-64Continues studies at the University of Melbourne, graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce and a Diploma in Public Administration, majoring in Economics and Political Science.
1964Returns to Kenya and starts working for the Government as District Officer for South Imenti and Theraki, Meru District - organises the ‘Million Acre’ scheme to resettle Mau Mau peoples
1964-78Jomo Kenyatta – First President of Kenya
1966Begins course in Public Administration at the Kenya Institute of Administration
1966-67Returns to Australia to begin a Master’s in Economics at the University of Melbourne, but goes back to Kenya to support building the new country
1968Personal Assistant to the Minister of Agriculture
1971Senior Secretary at the Treasury – creates Kenya’s External Aid Division and forges cultural ties with European countries
1972Moves to Ministry of Home Affairs following a personal recommendation from President Kenyatta
1974Under Secretary at Ministry of Home Affairs – deepens ties with emerging African nations emerging from colonial rule
1978-2002Daniel arap Moi – Second President of Kenya
1978Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Office of the President
1979Minister of State, covering Science, Technology, Cabinet Affairs, Immigration and Land Settlement - establishes the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) as a State Corporation through the Science and Technology (Repealed) Act.
1979-2007Elected to National Assembly as KANU (Kenya African National Union party) Member of Parliament for Keiyo-South
1982Minister of Regional Development, Science and Technology – creates local decision making bodies
1983Minister of Energy – founds National Oil Corporation and oversees a rural electrification and dam-building programme
1991-97Out of Kenyan Government
1992-2007KANU Member of Parliament for Keiyo South
1997Minister of State in the Office of the President
Minister of East African and Regional Cooperation – serves as Chairman of the East Africa Council of Ministers (EAC), and Chairman of the Common Market for East and Central Africa (COMESA)
Minister of Trade, Industry and East African Tourism,– establishes the Small Medium Trade Trust Fund with the European Union, introduces an intellectual property bill, accomplishes a free trade area with COMESA, establishes the Africa Trade Insurance Agency to cover foreign investments against political risk, and serves as Chairman of the African Caribbean Pacific Group at the World Trade Organisation. Sets up the Tourist Police and re-introduces the East Africa Safari Rallies.
Mwai Kibaki – Third President of Kenya
2002Steps down from Ministerial career upon election of new President
2005Runs for Chairmanship of KANU
2007Stands down from Parliament after losing seat in General Election
2008Founded National Vision Party (2008)
2013-Uhuru Kenyatta – Fourth President of Kenya
2013Final run for public office, unsuccessfully stands for a Senate seat in General Election
2017Nicholas Biwott dies, aged 77, at The Nairobi Hospital