The Memorial Service to Nicholas Biwott took place at AIC Milimani on 18th July 2017

A few video clips of the speeches can be found here.

The speeches in full can be found here

Extracts and Photos of the AIC Milimani Memorial Service

Pius Ngugi-Chairman of Thika Coffee Mills

“… he was of humble roots, a man whose childhood was not devoid of any luxuries, or materialism, especially considering that he went through his childhood n early years during a time of colonialism and agitation for independence.”

“He was one of this people who always saw the bigger picture. Despite his national profile, the national and constituency level burdens and responsibility he carried, my friend Nicholas was a man of few words, he was a man who followed through on promises, a man who kept his word. He was a man of deeds. He spoke less and did more.”

“There’s very few men quite like him, while many focused on speeches, quite like what I am doing right now, Nicholas focused on getting things done I am not surprised that he is still remembered as the “Total man”.

“Nicholas ever forgot his roots; he worked very hard to ensure that those who did not have the opportunities he had nevertheless had a stepping stone to achieve the greatness and success. He quietly mentored many youth and providing funds for various projects in the rural areas, particularly in the field of education and health.”

Abraham Kiptanui-Former controller of State House

“… the man was intelligent, he had a lot of wisdom… wherever we went with the president round the world, before we sit down, if they don’t see Biwott somebody would say where is Biwott? Is here with you? And that was a common question because people felt that he was a great contributor…”

“… he was one man who was not tribal, he was not a tribal person, he was dealing with Kenyans as Kenyans”.

Christina Pratt

“For 37 years Biwott dedicated his time and resources towards the funds mission of enhancing social and economic empowerment of persons with disabilities through provision of resources… Those of us who have worked with him knew him as a kind man who’s love, passion and generosity to the less-abled will be solely missed.”

Amb. Francis Muthaura

“…. Biwott was a truly East African. Somebody said here he didn’t see the tribal divide but he was a true East African and he could do anything to make sure that East Africa worked.”

Kiprono Kittony- Chairperson of National Chamber for Industry and Commerce

“It is true to say that he was a real giant. Nicholas Biwott went to school with my father, they were classmates in Kapsabet in 1953 and my father told me many stories about him. He said firstly that in Kapsabet nobody ever took the first place in class, that was the preserve of Nicholas Biwott and I think that was the beginning of many firsts in his life”.

“Biwott has made a huge contribution in this country, an immense contribution. In business he executed his moves with precision, with deftness and with stealth. He was like a Grand Master in a game of chase because he would only at the end of it see the result of his enterprise and his industry.”

“I think in the fullness of time, history will be written and there will be amends made where people said the wrong things about him.”

Jackson Kiptanui MP Keiyo South

“When I defeated him in 2007 he did show us a sign of great leadership, by conceding defeat very fast and congratulated me [Check] and from 2007 to as late as the other month he has been supporting me in developing of the constituency and other elected leaders. He was truly a great man, a statesman and a friend.”

Hon. Rotich – Cabinet Secretary in charge of Finance

“We have lost one of the most influential courageous and profoundly good person that any of us will ever share time with in this country.”

Ambassador Amina Mohamed – CS Foreign Affairs

“He was highly respected in international trade circles and he made many friends among his peers. He counted the trade ministers of the African continent, the US, EU, Australia, The Middle East and the African Caribbean and Pacific Group of countries among very close friends. They sought him out during and between sessions of ministerial meetings for counsel and for support.”

“Everything I said about him is in superlatives, because his was a life of superlatives: super-determined, super-committed, super-decisive, super-courageous, super-patriotic and you know I could go on and on.”