The Funeral service for Nicholas Biwott (1940-2017) took place at the Maria Soti Education Centre for Girls, Kaptarakwa on 20th July 2017

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Extracts and photos of the Maria Soti Funeral Service

Dr. Sally Kosgey

“I often read that he was secretive, I think that was the wrong word – he was discreet. He was also a really fair person. “

“He was in my view one of the cleverest Kenyans that have lived in our country.”

“There was another side to him: he had a great sense of humor”.

Hon. Henry Kosgey

“This man was shrewed and astute which is an adjective but above all he was generous and he had a heart. You know people look at him because probably he kept quiet sometimes , he had a heart , a human heart and he was humorous as well .”

Sammy Solei

“I have met many, many people in this world and in Kenya and I can say that I don’t think I have met a brain, a person, cleverer and wiser than Biwott.”

Mrs Hannie Biwott

“I have heard that there are people in Kenya who are saying “What! Is this the Nicholas Biwott we have heard about and read about? Is he the same person?” and I am saying to them today yes, the one you heard about was vilified, he was accused of things he didn’t do. Nicholas Biwott was a great and noble man.”

Christina Pratt Kenyatta

“… he has left a huge and deep legacy because of his passion for the less-abled, for the handicapped in the society.”

CK Joshua

“One principle I learned from Biwott, was he taught me to like people who are not like us. I don’t know whether you get that message, he always emphasized you must like other people who are not like us.”

President Uhuru Kenyatta

“When we went to trade fares for with Biwott it was not as it was the case with other ministers, you would go with the minister but actually the minister was going on holiday. Minister Biwott would be with us at the stand throughout the period and focused, and wanted to know what was happening. Are we attracting new clients? Are we getting new operators coming into Kenya ? [And] attending meetings with operators.

“When the history of this country is written there will be many unsung heroes, but I want to tell you that there are men and women in this country who quietly but firmly and with confidence are responsible for what Kenya is today, a sound country and a stable country with a growing economy and Nicholas Biwott is one of those gentlemen.”